Gas prices expected to soar this weekend

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - According to petroleum analysts from, the average gas price in South Carolina could be up by 20 cents this weekend. Right now, the state average is hovering around $3.45 a gallon, which is behind the national average of $3.56. Even if you don't drive a gas-guzzler, the higher prices will still affect your wallet.

Restaurant owner Kris Furniss said he is feeling the effects of gas prices now even before the projected spike this weekend. His restaurant, Caviar and Bananas, receives around 20 deliveries from food vendors every day. Those vendors charge a delivery fee that keeps increasing, according to Furniss.

"I pay thousands and thousands of dollars in delivery fees every year. Some of the vendors charge as much as $35 per delivery and it really adds up," Furniss said.

The fees may be bad for business, but Furniss said he is not going to up the price of his menu items.

"I have only increased prices once in the past four years and I don't plan to do it now," he said.

While the restaurant business doesn't use much gas, the opposite is true for driving instructor Anthony Davis. He works for Rusty's Driving School. The company has three vehicles that are constantly on the road.

"We fill up each vehicle every two days," Davis said. "It costs us almost $1,000 a month."

Each student is on the road for 90 minutes each session and they teach around six students a day. Rusty's Driving School decided to invest in three Kia Souls this year to help combat the gas prices.

"I can get around 32 miles to the gallon in these cars," Davis said. "It's helped us a lot with saving."

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