Despite climb in gas prices, CARTA keeps fees affordable

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - With gas prices expected to soar this weekend, residents want to fill up when you hit the road Friday. Right now, the average price of gas in South Carolina is around $3.45 a gallon. Some experts are predicting a 20-cent hike in the coming days.

That spike in price could have more folks turning to public transportation. The good news is that CARTA bus prices will stay the same, even with gas prices expecting to climb this weekend.

In fact, CARTA prepares months in advance just in case gas prices soar.

Since 2011, CARTA's ridership has grown by nearly half a million riders to nearly 4.5 million, almost half a million higher than 2010.

For CARTA, preparing for the fluctuating cost of gas is one of their top priorities, ensuring they can still keep all buses on the road and keep transportation affordable for passengers.

"Obviously there are things that happen in the fuel market that you can't foresee but we do try to be conservative with what we budget," said CARTA executive director Christina Wilkinson.

The cost to ride on a CARTA bus is $1.75. You can also buy day passes and monthly passes.

"Through these ups and downs in the market, CARTA prices are going to stay the same," Wilkinson said.

Nearly 14,000 people use CARTA every day.

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