Officials meeting to discuss Folly Beach erosion problems

Folly Beach is suffering from erosion in some areas of the beach. (File photo)
Folly Beach is suffering from erosion in some areas of the beach. (File photo)

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - With beach season just a couple of months away, Folly Beach is in a race to re-nourish the shoreline. Erosion has shut down the county park and the town doesn't have the money to pay for the project. The Charleston County legislative delegation is hoping a meeting Monday will help change that.

In President Barack Obama's 2013 budget, $400,000 was allotted to fix severely damaged Folly Beach, but that amount isn't close to the sum amount needed to get the beach up and running again.

A meeting is scheduled Monday between local and congressional delegations to discuss the re-nourishment funding of Folly Beach, the deepening of Charleston Harbor and other issues.

A $5.5 million temporary fix was also denied to repair the beach by the Federal Emergency Management Agency because the beach is scheduled to be re-nourished in 2013. Folly Beach County Park has taken its fair share of storm damage over the last several years, most recently when Hurricane Irene severely damaging both ends of the island.

Local officials are urging the government to find the money soon so they can get to work to repair the beach before the summer. They say even if the money ends up in the budget, they won't be able to start repairing the beach until August 2013. By that time, it may be too late.

Under a 50-year contract, the federal government is required to re-nourish the five-mile stretch of beach periodically.

The plan comes after a 1992 study showed that the continual erosion is worsened by the jetties.

The deepening of Charleston Harbor will also be talked about at Monday's meeting.

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