SC Committee approves James Island incorporation petition

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - James Island is one step closer to being a town, again, after the Joint Legislative Committee on Municipal Incorporation voted unanimously to approve the island's incorporation petition on Tuesday.

James Island attorney Trent Kernodle and former Mayor Bill Woolsey, representing Free James Island, were questioned about the town's petition, fielding question about proposed services, taxes, and contiguity.  

Woolsey said the committee held separate votes on whether the the proposed municipality met each of several legislative requirements, and the vote was unanimous on each requirement including population density, total population, provision of law enforcement, review of a feasibility study, contiguity, and the provision of specified services either directly or by contract.  

Representative Peter McCoy was in attendance as well as members of the Free James Island Board of Directors: Leonard Blank, Inez Brown-Crouch, Kay Kernodle, and Carter McMillan.    

Bill Woolsey said, "Everyone on James Island is grateful to all of the members of the committee for unanimously recognizing that we meet the requirements for incorporation.    I also want to thank Senator McConnell and Representative McCoy for there work in making this happen."

Woolsey says the next step in the process is for Secretary of State Hammond to certify a commission that will appoint managers of election.    According to former Mayor Woolsey, the commission and managers of election should be able to put together a referendum in April and an election for Mayor and Council soon after, Woolsey added.

He concluded, "The next step is for the people of James Island to turn out for the referendum and show their support for their town."

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