PeopleMatter launches new software on heels of massive investment

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) -  The setting reminded a crowd of more than 300 people at the Sottile theatre in downtown Charleston of an Apple product unveiling. But it was Nate DaPore, CEO of tech company PeopleMatter, who took the stage to showcase the companies latest software aimed at re-defining the service industry.

"This is something we've been working really hard on for the last 8 months," said DaPore.

The North Charleston based company's latest creation is a software called Schedule, a platform for restaurant, retail and hospitality industries nationwide.

"They can actually swap shifts, trade shifts, update shifts," said DaPore, talking about employees of companies that have accounts with PeopleMatter. "The old way they have to call in and talk to somebody and say 'hey, can you go look at the schedule in the back room and see what I'm working' but now they can get it real time on their mobile device."

The goal of the new software is to make life in the service industry easier for both managers and employees. Checking schedules, requesting days off and switching shifts will all be able to be done with a tap on the screen of a smart phone remotely.

And for those without a smart phone, DaPore and his colleagues created a system that can be called from any phone with similar if not all the features the software application allows.

DaPore envisions the company's software as a tool businesses will turn to for hiring, developing, scheduling and engaging dependable work force talent.

12 companies across the country began using 'Schedule' when it went live from the Sottile theatre on the College of Charleston campus Tuesday.

'Schedule' is the third installment of four products PeopleMatter will be delivering to it's clients. 'Hire' and 'Learn' were introduced in 2010 and 2011 respectively and Engage, the final software app, will be released at the end of 2012, according to DaPore.

In downtown Charleston, Maverick Southern Kitchens, the company that owns Slightly North of Broad and High Cotton, uses PeopleMatter software. The next nearest company that uses the product is Flash Foods based in Georgia.

The introduction of 'Schedule' was made less than 24 hours after the company announced it would be receiving a $14 million investment from venture capital firm Morgenthaler Ventures, based out of Menlo Park, California.

DaPore says the technology industry in Charleston is alive and well.

Back in October he coined the phrase 'Silicon Harbor' during the ground breaking at the future site of the company's headquarters on King Street.

The company said at that time they would be adding more than 200 jobs within the next five years.

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