Restaurant run by students gives real hands-on experience

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A new restaurant in downtown Charleston is offering up-and-coming chefs the opportunity to serve some of the tastiest foods in a first class environment.

The restaurant, 24 North Market, is student-run and teaches chefs the skills and tools needed to run a successful business. The Art Institute of Charleston offers a culinary program with real hands on experience.

"They go through all the operations they would in a restaurant so they spend half the class in the dining room and half the class in the kitchen" said culinary teacher Dillon Snider. "24 North Market helps students understands what is required to run a successful restaurant both in and out of the kitchen.

"The quality and standard of food that we produce at 24 North Market really blows people away," said Courtney Cowart a senior, who left her hometown in Spartanburg a few years ago to come study in Charleston. "People they like that we're a school at they understand that we are still in a learning process."

Students in the "A La Carte" class learn the first rule of cooking, that fresh and local is best.

"Everything is freshly made every day, we don't buy anything that comes out of a box that goes onto a plate, every single item is prepared by our students" Snider said. "Basically, we change the menu and its student driven, so if they want to do Italian food, we will do Italian food."

For Cowart, learning in a real restaurant environment simply is, the icing on the cake.

"The food culture here in Charleston is so different than anywhere else in the region to find another food culture like this you have to go to the east coast or to the west coast," Cowart said. "Charleston is really setting the standard for southern cuisine."

The menu at 24 North Market changes every two weeks. The restaurant is open Wednesday through Friday. Lunch is served from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. You can get a three-course meal for only $12. You can make reservations or just stop by.

The restaurant is located inside the art institute in Charleston, at the corner of East Bay, and Market Street.

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