Use of Facebook leads to 'Most Wanted' arrests

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Crimes ranging from attempted murder to fraudulent checks, can land suspects in Colleton County onto the top 10 most wanted list and now all over facebook.

"This is what he's driving, this is where he's leaving now, he'll be leaving at this time," said Chief Deputy Ted Stanfield, reciting tips the Sheriff's Office has received through the use of social media. "We've done it before and had some success but not as much success we've had with this one in such a short period of time."

Stanfield and team five put together a top ten most wanted list just over a week ago and now half of the people on that list has been arrested.

"We said let's just throw it out there on our Facebook page and see how it comes out and what the response is," said Stanfield. "Almost immediately as soon as we put the information up on the Facebook page we started getting responses."

The charges the top 10 suspects are facing are everything from attempted murder to fraudulent checks. But Stanfield says no matter the crime they want those responsible brought to justice.

And the Chief Deputy believes a big part, if not all, of the credit catching the suspects should go to the community.

"A law enforcement agency's only going to be as good as the relationship with the citizens that they serve," said Stanfield. "This is a good thing for us and for them."

Tomorrow Deputies will add five new people to the list and head right back to Facebook for information.

To view Colleton County's most wanted list visit our Colleton County Where you Live page.

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