Mother: Student who reported 'Jackass 2' incident getting threats

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - A Mount Pleasant woman says her daughter has been the focus of threats and a "lot of anger" on Facebook and Twitter after reporting that her teacher had shown scenes from the movie "Jackass 2" to her Latin class.

"She sent me an email during the school day and let me know that she had been in her class and the teacher had shown a video that made her uncomfortable," said the woman who preferred not to be identified.

According to the woman, on Feb. 14, her daughter went to her regular class at Wando High and began studying her Latin work when Poston began to show scenes from the movie "Jackass 2." The daughter told her mother that Poston showed a scene from the movie that involved a "mostly" nude man, a puppet, an aquarium and a snake.

The woman then notified school officials who in turn called police regarding the incident. An investigation by the school district was made and on Wednesday officials announced that Poston was no longer an employee with the district.

"I didn't call for anyone to be fired, I just wanted to make sure that it was brought to their attention and that we were very disturbed by it," the mother said. "I did the right thing, I let the school know. I didn't presume to make a judgement whether or not  he should be fired."

The mother said when other students found out that her daughter had reported the incident her daughter began to get threats on Facebook and Twitter.

"Posts on Facebook and Twitter have said, things like 'We're going to get the snitch and we're going to beat her up,'" the woman said. "She's been vilified online and people making comments at school. It's been kind of scary."

She says she finds the situation sad because she feels that the focus of the incident should not be her daughter. The woman says her daughter is disappointed in the people that are saying that she did something wrong and calling her a snitch.

"It's been really, really sad. Because she did what parents always tell their kids to do," the woman said. "And what everyone tells women to do. If someone does something that makes you uncomfortable you report it. You let people know that this is not okay and that's what she did. It was the right thing to do."

When asked if the school district was right to let Poston go, the woman says it's irrelevant because "it's a personnel matter in the school district" but says she would not put her daughter in the same classroom as Poston.

"If this man gets fired, it is his own fault. Because of his own actions. It doesn't matter who walked in the room and caught him. What he did was wrong and he needs to face the consequences of his actions," the woman said. "[My daughter] absolutely should not be blamed because she did what was best. She was thinking of her peers and herself."

Her daughter has been holding strong since the threats have started to appear on social media sites, according to her mother. But she says she's noticed that the whole incident appears to be wearing her daughter down.

"'I'm very proud that she is standing strong. She knows she did the right thing and she even said she would do it again, even knowing all of this that happened. She would still do it again," the woman said.

She adds that her daughter's friends and people she didn't know have been supportive of her throughout the ordeal saying, "This is not your fault." The woman says that the majority of the students at Wando High are "fantastic" and that they have received an outpouring of support.

Poston has also received support from students at Wando with some even creating shirts in his behalf.

"I understand that his students like him and respect him and think he's a good teacher. And they've vocalized their opinion, very loudly," the woman said. "But it started to get ugly online, there was a lot threats and a lot of anger coming out."

A lawyer representing Poston said he planned to appeal the school district's decision to let his client go.

"I feel very confident of the Wando's administration handling of this and I feel confident that they will make sure that all of the student are safe at school," the woman said.

Poston's attorney said his client plans to admit showing the movie wasn't wise and that he had just bought it online and didn't know there was anything sexual in nature on it. According to a police report, Poston said when he saw how inappropriate the movie was becoming, he quickly turned it off.

"A student notified her parent because she felt uncomfortable and that's what they're supposed to do. The parent notified the school and that's what they're supposed to do," the woman said. "And the school followed the rules and regulations that are in place. And everybody is trying follow the rules. There is only one person in this situation that did not follow the rules and that is Coach Poston."

The woman said her daughter just wants things to get back to normal,"She just wants to get a good education, the students to get a good education and enjoy her senior year."

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