3 arrested, 1 tased during North Charleston drug bust

Ahmode Rashard Rivers, left, Donte Javon White, middle, and Kimberly Shontay Bates. (Source: Charleston County Detention Center)
Ahmode Rashard Rivers, left, Donte Javon White, middle, and Kimberly Shontay Bates. (Source: Charleston County Detention Center)

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Three people were arrested Monday after police officers found drugs in a North Charleston apartment and had to tase one of the suspects after they say he tried to run.

North Charleston police arrested 19-year-old Ahmode Rashard Rivers, 30-year-old Kimberly Shontay Bates and 19-year-old Donte Javon White on various drug charges. In addition, Bates was charged with unlawful conduct towards a child.

Officers were called out to Wedgewood Apartments on Ridgebrook Drive just before 4 p.m. Tuesday after complaints of a strong drug odor coming from one of the apartments. When officers arrived at the residence, they noticed a man with dreads, wearing a black and red jacket, exit a black Infiniti parked near the apartment in question. The man, later identified as Rivers, went inside the residence and closed the door.

According to a police report, when officers approached the door, Rivers opened it and said "I am going to get my aunt," and he closed the door. One of the officers then knocked and a woman answered the door. Police were let inside the apartment and immediately smelled a strong odor of marijuana.

While officers questioned Rivers about why he closed the door, they say he began to walk around the room and try to leave the room. After requesting identification, Rivers told police that he didn't have any. Rivers then tried to walk past the officers and leave the apartment, but he was ordered by one of the officers to sit on the couch until they were finished.

Rivers then said he had ID and went into the kitchen. One of the officers followed him and called him to come back and stop moving around. According to the report, one of the officers was going to place Rivers in handcuffs to detain him, but instead Rivers pushed the officer, causing him to lose balance, which allowed Rivers to run out of the apartment. Officers ran after Rivers and he was apprehended after being tased by one of the officers.

Once back at the apartment, officers questioned Bates, the woman who answered the door. She told police that she left her kids with Rivers and when she returned the police had shown up.

Police then search Rivers' vehicle and found 11.5 grams of cocaine in the center console. Rivers told police he ran because of the drugs and that he was sorry for assaulting the officer and running.

The North Charleston police narcotics unit was called out the scene to search the apartment. Narcotics detectives found evidence that crack cocaine was being manufactured in the residence.

Investigators found two clear plastic bags with white powder residue, an off-white rock like substance in the kitchen drawer, a firearm, two digital scales and two glass measuring devices with residue.

Investigators say the microwave was swabbed and tested positive for cocaine. All items but the microwave were seized and placed into evidence. Detectives also located $638 in cash

Rivers is charged with trafficking cocaine, possession with intent to distribute near a school and assault on a police officer. His total bond was set at $600,000. Bates is charged with four counts of unlawful conduct towards a child, manufacturing cocaine and possession with intent to distribute near a school. Her total bond was set at $35,000.

Police say the third suspect, White, was also charged in the incident because he was at the residence. His charges have not been released.

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