Train carrying methanol derails in SC

ABBEVILLE, S.C. (AP) - People who evacuated their homes after a train derailment in Abbeville will be able to return home soon.

Officials say about 40 people were evacuated early Thursday after more than two dozen cars derailed, one of which is carrying methanol.

There was no fire and no one has been hurt.

CSX spokesman Gary Sease said there is no indication of any leak from the car with methanol. Another car carrying propanediol was leaking. The chemical is a thick liquid used in laminates and coatings,

Fire Chief Mason Speer says that is just a containment problem and poses no health risk.

Officials had evacuated a half-mile area earlier while they worked to determine what was on the train.

Sease says the 93-car train was headed from Atlanta to Hamlet, N.C.

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