Wando teacher fights for job, files appeal after 'Jackass 2' firing

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - An appeal filed Thursday by the attorney of former Wando High School Teacher Christopher Poston, who was fired after showing scenes from "Jackass 2" to a class, states that Poston had not viewed the movie and "was only generally aware of its content" before playing it.

On Thursday, Poston along with his attorney, Jay Masty filed An Appeal with the Charleston County School Board.

"It's rough. I miss the kids. I know they miss me," Poston said. "It's been very humbling what they've said about me, but that doesn't take away the wrong that I did. It was unexcusable and I just want to be back teaching. That's all I want to do."

Poston also addressed the issue of the student who was being bullied for reporting the incident.

"The little girl that was being bullied, I just don't condone bullying at all. Never have," Poston said."None of my programs have condoned bullying and it's just unexcusable. My students know I would not tolerate such a thing."

The appeal begins by providing a "factual account" of the events which transpired on Feb. 14. Masty claims Poston, who was filling in for the actual Latin teacher, had not previously watched the movie "Jackass 2" and was only generally aware of its content.

"I just want to apologize to those kids. I didn't mean any harm," Poston said.

Masty explains that Poston had viewed portions of the movie on cable TV programs and the content he had viewed was not sexual in nature. Masty also claims Poston, a sociology teacher, was using the video, and a subsequent website called "People of Walmart," to teach the class lessons on societal norms and expectations of conduct.

Masty also contends Poston removed the video as soon as it became sexual in nature. The rest of the appeal goes on to provide a "historical perspective" referencing a series of positive actions and projects initiated by Poston.

It references the 2,000 signatures signed in his defense on an online-petition website and a large number of comments found on that website and on Facebook.

The appeal also explains how Poston stood up for the student who reported his actions, imploring students to "respect her right to be offended."

According to the appeal, Poston has been working at Wando High School for more than six years and has "treated his responsibilities as a teacher with undying dedication." The appeal states that Poston is the founder and director of the Buddy Olympics, a program that pairs special needs children with students from Wando High School.

The conclusion of the letter calls on the Charleston County School District to forgive him for his mistake and reinstate him as a teacher at Wando High School.

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