Warm weather woes: Organic farmers in need of rain

JOHNS ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - At Legare farms sunny skies mean the planting season is now weeks ahead of schedule. Without a winter freeze producers expect it will be a long hot summer ahead.

"Without having a lot of cold weather to burn back some of the weeds that are coming up in the fields and control some of the insects. I think we're going to have a terrible insect problem both with mosquitoes and gnats and the insects that prey on our vegetable crops," said Legare Farms co-owner Thomas Legare.

He said insect control problems are words no organic farmer wants to hear. Legare said this year they will have to monitor crops a little bit closer than usual. He expects some vegetable crops might not last through the entire season.

"Some crops are going to be ready a whole lot quicker than it normally would because of the warm weather so I think it might shorten the season for some of the vegetable crops," said Legare.

Legare said they keep several different plantings crops coming in constantly on the farm, but rain is something they are not getting consistently.

"Were dry now were way below our normal rain fall and I think were going to have a hot and dry spring and summer. We can certainly use some rain. It's been a while since we've been this dry. I can't remember ever quite seeing our ponds as low as they are and swamps and ditches as dry as they are," said Legare.

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