Gayle McCaffrey still missing after a week

Gayle McCaffrey hasn't been seen since March 17.
Gayle McCaffrey hasn't been seen since March 17.

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County sheriff's deputies are pouring over items collected from a missing woman's home last week.

Deputies wrapped up a two-day search of Gayle McCaffrey's house in West Ashley on Friday. The mother of two has been missing for over a week.

Last week, investigators announced that they have a person of interest in the case, but are not giving a name at this time.

McCaffrey's husband, Robert, McCaffrey, says he got into a fight with his wife last Saturday night.

He claims he left their home and when he got back Sunday morning she was gone.

The couple's children are now in the custody of Gayle McCaffrey's sister.

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