Crosstown 911 call: 'They're shooting at me out of that van'

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - In newly released 911 calls from a shooting on the Crosstown last weekend, a taxi driver is heard yelling to police, "They're shooting at me out of that van."

The taxi driver placed the emergency call early Saturday morning after police say a woman inside a van began shooting at the taxi after leaving the Southern Belle Gentleman's Club on Meeting Street.

The taxi driver told emergency dispatchers that a van he had been following had a gun inside and then a gunshot is heard on the 911 call. The taxi driver can also be heard flagging down an off-duty North Charleston police officer and telling him, "They're shooting at me out of that van."

Shortly after the taxi driver tells the officer of the situation, another gunshot is heard. Some time later, the taxi driver tells emergency dispatch that the North Charleston police officer is shooting at the van.

North Charleston police say when the taxi driver flagged down the police officer near the Crosstown, the suspect, Shakira Washington tried to run him over in her van. The officer fired his gun at Washington's car, but missed.

When Charleston police officers arrive at the scene, the taxi driver can be heard warning the officers, "Officer, he's got a gun in the van! He's got a gun in the van!"

Washington, the woman accused of shooting at the taxi, was charged with two counts of first-degree assault and battery and is out on bond.

The incident remains under investigation by the Charleston Police Department and the State Law Enforcement Division is investigating.

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