Local mother, daughter worked on set of 'The Hunger Games'

Ashton Glasser, left, and her mom, Patricia Glasser, worked on The Hunger Games
Ashton Glasser, left, and her mom, Patricia Glasser, worked on The Hunger Games

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - "The Hunger Games" has made over $181 million at the box office. The film is about kids who are forced to compete in a televised battle where only one can survive. It has taken the country by storm.

A mother and daughter right here in the Lowcountry helped take the words on the pages and bring them to life. For some it was the action and others it's the changing looks, but for this mother daughter team, it was the hair that fueled their hunger.

"It was the most exciting and creative thing I've ever done," said film hair stylist Ashton Glasser.

Glasser, 25, and her mom, Patricia Glasser, have worked on the sets of movies like "The Patriot," "X-Men" and "Twilight," but say that was just a tease compared to their latest project, "The Hunger Games."

"We knew it was going to be a great movie," said Patrica Glasser. "I really think the hair and makeup will get an award for this movie."

It wasn't always glamorous. The wigs, changing hair colors and hundreds of extras kept the ladies on their feet, sometimes 16 hours a day.

"The hair colors, the make up the hats, everything coordinated and the costumes," Glasser said. "Every one of those people before they left our area the costume designer had to come approve them. If they were not perfect they had to be redone."

The two worked when the sun went down until the sun came up. They scrambled to get the scenes finished. The hairstyles range from simple to extravagant.

"From the 1930's to futuristic hairstyles so we had a chance to have a lot of different looks," Glasser said.

For Patricia Glasser, it was a reunion with one Hollywood heartthrob she has worked with before. She got to work with Liam Hensworth, who costars in the film.

"He's just such a nice guy and it was a pleasure to see him and it was great to work with him again," she said. "He's definitely not hard to look at."

Their first big Hollywood project together, the mom and daughter team says it was a bonding experience like no other.

The ladies plan to work on the next installment of "The Hunger Games," which starts filming in North Carolina in September. A total of five women from the Charleston area worked in hair, makeup, and costumes on the movie.

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