Shaquan Duley gets 35 years for killing 2 sons

ORANGEBURG, SC (WCSC) - Fifteen months after Shaquan Duley suffocated two of her children then staged a car crash into the Edisto River with the boys strapped inside, a judge sentenced her for the horrific crimes.

Duley was sentenced to 35 years in prison Friday morning, just a few weeks after she pled guilty to killing her two sons, 18-month-old Javan and 2-year-old Devean.

"She may have snapped, people snap all the time, but it doesn't make a crime like that or any other crime right," said First Circuit Solicitor David Pascoe.

The 30-year-old woman entered the courtroom Friday carrying a bible. Her attorney, Carl Grant, says Duley was tearful after the sentence was handed down. 

A judge sentenced Duley to 35 years for each of two murder counts, but both sentences will serve concurrently. Duley will also get 597 days credit for time served in jail.

Grant previously asked the judge for the minimum sentence of 30 years, but the judge said Friday that 30 years would not be enough.

"There's nothing light about 35 years in prison, day per day," Grant said. "This is a sentence that will be done with no parole."

Duley could have faced a maximum sentence of life in prison.

"After considering everything, including the murder of those two children, your children, by your own hand," the judge lectured. "This court does not believe the minimum sentence is appropriate."

During sentencing, the judge said that Duley put her family through the pain of losing two grandchildren and then the emotional hardships of trying to support their daughter after the crime.

"You said you are sorry for the shame you brought on your family, our county and our state. You could not be more correct," the judge said Friday.

Authorities say in Aug. 2010, Duley suffocated 18-month-old Javan and 2-year-old Devean, then staged a car crash into the Edisto River with the boys strapped inside.

Prosecutors say she killed the children after her mother badgered her about bad parenting.

"I want to acknowledge my appreciation for you for not requiring a trial," the judge added.

Duley also has a 7-year-old daughter who will be raised by her family members.

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