Woman prays for missing sister's return; new searches planned

McCaffrey, not seen since Mar. 17. (Source: Facebook)
McCaffrey, not seen since Mar. 17. (Source: Facebook)

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - As investigators plan to resume the search for missing woman Gayle McCaffrey this week, McCaffrey's sister says she's been up late at night trying to make sense of the situation.

"My mind goes both ways. My mind says it's been two weeks and there's no way she could be alive," Debbie Pearson said. "And the other side of me says what has she done, how has she done this to her kids and she's out there somewhere. I go both ways. I stay up a good bit praying about it."

McCaffrey, 36, hasn't been seen since Mar. 17, when her husband, Bob McCaffrey, says they got into a fight. The man said he left for the night, and returned next morning to find her gone and their children home alone.

Peason says the children, who are in her care, are doing good and miss their mother.

"We tell them,'Mom is missing and the police are looking to find her,'" Peason said."And they're going to stay with me until police find her."

Officials with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office say they will resume searching for McCaffrey this week in new areas, and they'll be using an airplane.

Deputies would not say exactly where they planned on searching, but said they would cover a lot of ground in the area.

"We would like some answers. I know the police are working hard," Peason said."If we had an answer of whether she was alive or dead, if this was her choice or someone hurt her, then we could work with the children and go from there. We're trying to do a normal life with the children and keep things calm and quiet."

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