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Family Circle Cup serving up all around event

DANIEL ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - For the 40th year celebration of the Family Circle Cup, event officials are serving up an all around ace of a tournament for both it's spectators and players.

"We're really trying to make the experience for fans more than just what's on the court," said Tournament Director and General Manager Bob Moran. "It's all about creating the experience of fun from the moment they walk in the gate from the moment they leave and it is more than just tennis."

Moran is trying to do something different with this year's event. While keeping the focus on the court, the director is adding more off the court activities for those attending throughout the week.

"We do happy hours every night and we have live music. We're celebrating decades every night so starting Tuesday night (April 3rd) is 70's night, 80's night on Wednesday, 90's on Thursday and 2000's on Friday."

On top of decade nights, Moran lead the charge to develop a drink for the occasion.  

"We actually did our own craft beer this year called Holy City Slam. We partnered with Holy City brewery and we brewed it ourselves so we had a little fun with that," said Moran.

But it's not just the spectators who will be enjoying the brand new Cup atmosphere.

"It's just so comfy that's the best way I can describe it," says headliner and 2008 Family Circle Cup champion Serena Williams. "It's comfy and everyone is so open and excited. Almost as excited as I am to be here."

2010 former champion Samantha Stosur says it's tough to compete with a place like Charleston.

"When there's lots of people around its always a great atmosphere there's never a dull moment," said Stosur.

Moran says the tournament has to keep evolving and upping the ante every year since Charleston now has a title to uphold.

"We're the United States best tennis town," said Moran. "And we hold that title to this day."

Just before noon Monday, the Family Circle Cup hit a big milestone in it's 40 year history. The one millionth fan in Charleston walked through the front gate.

The family of four was given front row seats to the matches Monday, an allowance to spend on merchandise and quite an experience.

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