Owner, critter removal worker dispute lost Daniel Island cat

File photo
File photo

DANIEL ISLAND, S.C. (AP) - Josie the kitty cat is missing and fur is flying between its owner and the owner of a wildlife removal company.

Catherine Greenfield, of Daniel Island, has not seen Josie since last month when a neighbor hired Animal Solutions of Charleston.

Company owner David Palvado says he was trying to get a possum but trapped the cat under the neighbor's home where it was tearing up ductwork and insulation. He says as he was switching the cat to a cage, it ran off near Greenfield's home.

Palvado is charged with animal abandonment and other counts and could be fined over $1,600.

Greenfield says after a letter from the property owners association about the cat being loose she planned to take Josie to her mother-in-law in Georgia.

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