Officials: Drivers are at fault for deadly accidents on Folly Road

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Folly Road has proven deadly through the years with seven accidents with fatalities along the road since 2010.

The Department of Public Safety says 12 people were killed along the road between 2007 and 2010 which include a deadly bike and vehicle collision at Grimball Road.

Recently a head on collision took the lives of 33-year-old Joshua Miller and 75-year-old Jimmy Minchew. Highway patrol investigators say there are many factors causing accidents. Some include DUI, speeding and distracted driving.

"It just magnifies all those characteristics and makes it seem like a dangerous road," Lance Cpl. Sonny Collins said."But in essence it's the driver's actions that are causing the danger out there."

Local businesses fear weather changes will make traffic problems much worse.

"With all this warm weather coming back, it's been a combination of wrecks and bumper to bumper traffic going out to the beach," said Brooks Buckheister of Forsberg Wine and Spirits.

Other drivers hope people will pay more attention to avoid dangerous or deadly collisions.

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