Students taught a lesson about drunk driving

DUI Rodeo at Goose Creek High School
DUI Rodeo at Goose Creek High School

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Spring break and graduation are on the horizon for students at Goose Creek High School. But before the party starts, upper classmen got a lesson Wednesday that may have them thinking twice before they get behind the wheel of a car under the influence.

"I think a bunch of people should try this and they would change their mind about drinking and driving," said Raven Manigault, after she ran over a line of orange parking cones.

Alongside of Manigault, 500 other juniors and seniors were tested in dangerous driving simulations by the High School Injury Prevention Coalition (HSIPC).

The program centers on providing graphically visual demonstrations of the dangers of drinking, drug usage, and texting while driving.  Events included the use of Charleston County EMS' golf carts, "drunk goggles," texting devices, and obstacle course made of traffic cones.

"I can't even explain it and can't see how people even drive and drink," exclaimed Manigault, who said the DUI Rodeo was an eye opener.

The DUI Rodeo, organized by Trident's Trauma Program, promotes safety and prevention during the prom and graduation season. The entire program included four stations, each providing information on emergency response careers and showcasing emergency management equipment.

President of the HSIPC, Carl Fehr, said the teenagers are have fun with the exercises but also learn valuable lessons.

"A lot of kids think they're invincible and they can do anything," said Fehr. "We get out here and show them that there are things out of control that you can't do."

Goose Creek senior Jamar Sutherland said the hands on lesson about being responsible really made a difference on him.

"Just don't text and drive and don't drink and drive," said Sutherland. "Just don't do it. Lesson learned."

The HSIPC brings their program to eight Lowcountry high schools with hopes on expanding the event with the help of grants to add more stops in 2013.

Later this month, the DUI Rodeo will make stops at West Ashley and Wando high schools.

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