Beach traffic hard to avoid but business is booming

ISLE OF PALMS, SC (WCSC) - Ask any manager on Isle of Palms about the crowds and they will give you the same answer.

"It's acting a lot like summer time. March will usually increase a lot, this year its increased quite a bit. You can tell by the connector," Rick Clifford, manager of Banana Cabana.

No matter which state visitors come from chances are they ran into some traffic on the way to the Atlantic coast. Like the Isle of Palms The road to Folly Beach seems just as packed.

Brooks Buckheister works off of Folly Road. He said, "With all this warm weather it's been a combination of wrecks and bumper to bumper traffic going out to the beach."

At some beaches bumper to bumper traffic translates into packed restaurants.

"So it's been crazy here, so it's been July 4th numbers, mid-summer sales this time of year right now, so it's fantastic," said Jonathan Swartz, owner of Luke N' Ollie's Pizzeria on Isle of Palms.

He said he's never seen crowds like this in April. "It's been tough because we're not staffed up for this time of year, we need summer staff to keep up with it, were working a lot of overtime and working hard," said Swartz.

Swartz said he can't pinpoint if it's the Easter holiday or just people on road trips. He's just thankful the crowds are coming.

"It's phenomenal, I hope we can keep it up. It's been a great year so far," said Swartz.

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