Local high school warns students not to park off campus

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - James Island Charter High School hopes changes with the school's parking policy will help clean up a messy situation left behind by students parking off campus near the school.

"It's gotten increasingly problematic, students who have parked on the side of the road, sometimes in people's yard. It has been an area that the neighbors, our neighbors on Seaside Lane have complained about, and rightfully so," said Principal Robert Bohnstengel.

Seaside Lane was a popular place for students of JICHS to park because it is nearby, and it was free. To park on campus, students have to pay for a parking pass.

"There's been a lot of litter. It just hasn't been a good situation for anybody, including us," said Bohnstengel.

Bohnstengel estimates at least 40 cars would be parked on Seaside Lane on any given day. The principal says it was an ongoing problem for years, even though the school told students not to park there in the past. School officials could not enforce anything because it is the City of Charleston's property.

Now, the City of Charleston has put up these no parking signs. The school says they will continue to encourage students to buy on campus parking passes, which are now at a discounted price of $30, to keep the area around the school clean and quiet.

Students who continue to park on the lane could be ticketed by Charleston Police Department, and city officials say violators could face a fine of $237 for parking in a no parking zone.

The school says they also informed parents of the parking policy and the changes on Seaside Lane to deter the parking along that street.

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