'Ridiculously Photogenic Guy' runs races, wins hearts

Is it the Hollywood hair? The genuine smile? Maybe the fact he's running a six mile race and looks like a stock photo in a picture frame.  Whatever it is, Zeddie Little is running races and winning hearts.

Dubbed "Ridiculously Photogenic Guy" by the Internet world, Little has gone viral.  His picture has received over 1.45 million hits on Reddit.com since the picture was posted a few days ago.  So who is to blame for his Internet fame? Cue the photographer Will King.

"I took about 600 photos that day.  I only uploaded around 100 to my Flickr account.  I saw his picture and thought he looked great so he made the cut," said Will King, a computer programmer at MUSC.

After King uploaded his photos to the web, he says a friend commented on the picture of Little, saying "I dub this man 'Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.'"  And so the seed was planted.

"People have been calling me offering me money for the picture so they can use it in advertisements. I'm not selling it because I'd have to have Little's permission.  It's his face," said King.

With a Facebook fan page, YouTube clips, and blogs declaring their love for Little, it seems his smile has taken over.

"I've talked to him.  He says he's trying to lay low.  He doesn't want the attention."

The Charleston native lives in New York City.