Gov. Haley meets fans, protestors at book signing

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The street was divided as South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley's caravan of black Chevy Suburban's pulled into the parking lot next to Blue Bicycle Cooks in downtown Charleston Monday.

On one side of the parking lot her fans welcomed her with an applause.

Another group of people welcomed her with signs, protesting her latest National Media Tour to promote her memoir "Can't Is Not an Option: My American Story."

In the memoir, the 40-year-old Haley discusses her rise to the statehouse and eventually the governorship, including her endorsement by Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and what she calls sexist allegations of adultery during her campaign.

At least 80 people showed up and the crowd was split between supporters and protestors.

The protestors who gathered in front of the store said they're calling on the Governor to get back to work for the state instead of touring around the country.

"She's been out doing a national book tour is going to be continued to be gone for the next couple weeks," said Chris Covert, who described himself as an activist. "There's laws that haven't been passed, ethics reform that she definitely needs to work on and we're here today to bring attention to that. It's time for her to sign bills instead of books."

After signing books for those who came to meet and greet with the her, Governor Haley responded to those criticizing her outside the small locally owned bookstore.

"There are always going to be nay-sayers," said Gov. Haley. "If they took the time to read the book they'd realize it's just a heart warming inspirational story about how South Carolina has changed."

The Governor has said all the proceeds from her autobiography, including her $550,000 advance, will go to "The Original Six Foundation."

The governor started the non-profit to help struggling families in rural South Carolina.

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