Multiple police officers, tasers used to take down drug dealer

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Authorities say it took multiple police officers and two tasers to arrest a convicted drug dealer who resisted arrest after being tased three times in North Charleston.

The North Charleston Police Department charged 27-year-old Harry Lee Adams of West Ashley with disregarding a traffic signal, resisting arrest, assault on police and possession of a pistol by a convicted felon.

On Friday night, an officer observed a car failing to stop at a stop sign at the intersection of Ward Avenue and Midland Park Road. When the officer stopped the car, he said he noticed that Adams was visibly shaking and seemed agitated that he had been pulled over for the traffic violation.

The officer said he also noticed a small child in the back seat, who was not properly restrained, and could smell a strong odor of burnt marijuana from the inside of the car.

When authorities asked a second time for the vehicle registration, police say Adams was extremely nervous and could not focus on what the officer was asking for.

A police report states that Adams repeatedly looked towards the glove box as he retrieved items from the center console. Due to his nervous behavior, the officer asked Adams if he had any illegal drugs or weapons inside. Adams said he did not have any and was then asked to leave the car.

When the officer began to search the vehicle, he said he noticed that Adams became more nervous. The officer then asked for the glove compartment keys which were hanging around Adams' neck. Police say Adams did not give the keys to the officer and said that he wanted his cellphone.

According to police, Adams attempted to go back inside the vehicle several times after being told to stay at the rear of the vehicle. Police say Adams then became very uncooperative and wanted to return to the inside of the vehicle.

Police officers say when Adams was told again to stay outside of the vehicle, Adams pushed one of the police officers. Authorities then told him he was under arrest for assaulting the officer and disregarding the traffic signal.

According to investigators, Adams then began to resist arrest by refusing to put his hands behind his back and flailing his arms. One of the officers then took out his taser and told Adams to place his hands behind his back.

Officers say Adams refused the commands and was tased by the officer. A police report states that the stun did not affect Adams, so a dry stun was done to the suspect's right arm. Police say Adams still continued to resist arrest by pushing off two of the officers.

Adams then took his car keys from his neck and threw them into a sewage drain, police say.

Another officer then came on scene and used his taser on Adams, who then continued to resist.

The North Charleston Police Department says it took more than five officers to place Adams in handcuffs. A police report states that when officers retrieved the keys from the sewage drain, they opened the glove compartment and found a fully loaded Taurus .38 special.

A background check revealed that Adams was a convicted felon for breaking and entering into an automobile and possession with intent to distribute cocaine base and is prohibited from possessing a firearm or ammunition.

Adams declined any medical treatment from emergency personnel and was locked up at the Charleston County Detention Center.

Adams told detectives that he resisted arrest because he knew that he was not supposed to be in possession of a pistol.

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