Sheriff says town police department would not be efficient

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Sheriff Al Cannon said that it would not be efficient for the Town of James Island to have their own police department.

The sheriff held a press conference Wednesday afternoon in regards to recent statements Mayor Joe Riley made in a press release.

Riley said in the release that,"It is only a matter of time before all other Charleston County taxpayers ask county council and the sheriff how fair is it for a Town of James Island not to have to pay for its own law enforcement?"

Cannon said that a police force in the town would not be economically efficient.

"Particularly given the economic times that we live in, there is money that's being wasted. I salute the decision that James Island has made not to have their own police department," Cannon said. "The citizens of Charleston County benefit in that, because you don't further complicate by having yet having another department that is going to spend funds of the citizens of Charleston County."

Cannon added that he's not for or against the incorporation of James Island, but just responding to comments made by the mayor.

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