Goose Creek neighbors frightened after two home invasions

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Two different neighborhoods in Goose Creek are coping after violent home invasions took place. According to Goose Creek police reports on April 6th a home owner on Hallmark Drive opened the door to two suspects who rushed through the door, tied up the victims and held them at gun point. The report does not say what was stolen from the apartment. Neighbors on Hallmark Drive did not want to talk on camera.

Then on April 9th another home invasion on the 300 block of Anita Drive. Neighbors who live near Anita Drive asked not to be identified.

"If someone were to knock on my door I'd be scared to open it up I really would. Just to know that if that happened to somebody else in their house it could happen to us, you know it's really scary," said neighbor.

According to the police report the victim was held at gun point in his bedroom while two suspects took cash and cell phones then fled on foot. One neighbor heard the whole ordeal on her police scanner.

"It's a shock because it used to be a really nice neighborhood and it's like it's just going down hill," said another neighbor.

Neighbors say they've seen police go around the neighborhood a bit more, but they are still not sleeping well at night.

"We'll my mom sits there and checks the door about 20, 30 times a night to makes sure the door and the windows locked. Ever since that night to be honest we've been sleeping in the living room because we are scared, in case somebody tries and gets in our house. We don't want that to happen," said resident.

Neighbors near Anita Drive say they are now trying to organize a neighborhood watch .

The home invasion on Anita Drive is now a closed case due to what police call a lack of leads. the home invasion on Hallmark Drive remains an open investigation.

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