Tax Day on Tuesday: Tax services expect many to file last minute

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Newlywed Zulema Martin and her husband are filing for the first time together. Martin said she's usually prompt with her filing but, she can't say the same for her groom.

"It wasn't my idea we had some bumps in the road. So, we had to wait until the last minute but, we got it done and that's a good thing. We're trying to beat that mad rush tomorrow," said Martin.

Liberty Tax Services store owner Kay Hastings said last minute filing seems to be a trend this year.

"We're seeing prior year customers with prior year returns, they didn't file last year or the year before maybe and now they are coming in filing multiple years to catch up," said Hastings.

Hastings said many people fear filing because they don't know if they owe the government money.

"The danger is not to file at all because that's going to make you subjected to interest and penalties. So, you want to come in and file the extension," said Hastings.

Nationwide tax services are expected to stay open past normal business hours.

"Until the last client is finished," said H&R Block store manager Kerry Goldmeyer. She said many people including some employees did not realize services would continue until the 17th. Goldmeyer said all hands will be on deck to find any last minute credits owed.

"Even folks with several kids and an income of under $50,000 maybe entitled to some of that credit its refundable," said Goldmeyer.

Both Hastings and Goldmeyer said one refund in particular geared toward students seems to be getting overlooked this year.

"The American opportunities credit is for people that are in college in their first four years who are paying college tuition," said Goldmeyer.

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