Maybank Highway to see big changes

It's a plan that's been in the works since 2007.  Now Charleston county is taking another big step towards revamping Maybank Highway with hopes to alleviate traffic problems.  The county has been holding public meetings on Johns Island to get community feedback on two alternatives they have for the project.

J.B.'s Smokeshack is 20 feet off of Maybank, and the owner said he's worried his business may have to relocate.

"The road widening could put us back. We're only about 20 feet from the right of way so any widening on this side of the road would put us out till we could relocate.," said Quinn.

A public  meeting was held on Tuesday At haut Gap middle School.  Project leaders explained the two alternatives are not final.  Leaders said they will take comments from the community and use them towards a final design which will be presented in four to six months.

Quinn said he leans toward the alternative that doesn't widen the highway.  He said he believes the traffic problem is more confined to the area between River road and the Stono River Bridge.

"Traffic usually flows steady in this area. There's usually not a problem for people getting in and out of businesses on this stretch," said Quinn.

The county is accepting public comments until May 2nd. you can submit yours at