New hotel, condos coming to Calhoun Street

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Catie Yeager and her dog bruin come to exercise at the park off of Concord and Calhoun Street almost every day. In the past few weeks she's noticed a lot of changes next to the park like piles of dirt, leading her to believe something is coming.

"I hope that it stays. I hope that we continue to use it," Yeager said.

The park Yeager and others use will stay, but it won't be the way they currently know it.

"So that it's two living quarters facing out on to the park and book ending the park." said Wally Seinsheimer, one of the development partners with 7 Calhoun. He and the other partners plan to bring 47 residential condos and a hotel/restaurant.

The developers are calling the concierge living facility a revolutionary idea because the exterior materials will match 200 year old buildings in the city.

"This development will use materials that are complementary to what is existing here in Charleston. Even though it will be a 21st century building the exterior will look like it fits in this community," Seinsheimer said.

Development partner Ross Bowker said entire project is expected to cost more than $100 million.

"It really finishes out this section of Calhoun Street and the other amenities such as the Ft. Sumter monument and the aquarium," Bowker said.

Charleston Mayor Joe Riley said the re-development of the area is beneficial for the city and proceeds coming from the sale of the property went to providing more affordable housing.

"This site that was cleared after Hugo and the environmental problems was one that we felt could be planned to maximize the value and opportunity for the citizens of Charleston," said Riley.

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