Report: CofC student fell from step ladder on roof

Spencer Pitts died early Sunday. (Source: Facebook)
Spencer Pitts died early Sunday. (Source: Facebook)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - New documents released by police indicate the College of Charleston senior who died after falling from a downtown roof slipped from a small foot ladder.

The supplemental reports released by the Charleston Police Department also state alcohol was prevalent at the scene when officers arrived at the residence on Corrine Street, where 23-year-old Spencer Pitts was found suffering from traumatic injuries.

According to a witness, Pitts and other friends had just finished "looking at the stars" on the roof when the senior "slipped" on a 1.5-foot-wide step ladder and fell onto a "lower roof area and onto the city streets." That witness said she wasn't sure if the ladder slipped or if his foot slipped off the ladder.

Officers noted finding the step ladder and a beer can near the spot where Pitts landed.

Police also said when they arrived to the balcony area of 23 Corrine Street they observed several beer cans and a bottle of champagne. Officers said they also saw beer cans scattered about on the rooftop area near where Pitts fell.

Police also noted all witnesses on scene had an odor of alcohol emanating from their breath.

An autopsy has been performed by the Charleston County Coroner's Office, and officials said they will have to wait six to eight weeks before toxicology test results will be available.

The College of Charleston and Pitts' friends are working to finalize a memorial for him the weekend of May 5 and May 6, which is "Alumni Weekend" at the school.

His family from New York and Connecticut are expected to attend.

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