Investigators: Man throws brick in boy's face

GEORGETOWN, SC (WCSC) - Investigators have arrested a 46-year-old man suspected of slapping a 10-year-old boy and throwing a brick in his face.

The Georgetown Police Department charged Steven Trappier of Georgetown with assault and battery.

It all started Friday afternoon, when officers responded to an assault near Emanuel Street. The 10-year-old victim told officers that as he was walking down the street to his father's house, he saw a group of kids on Trappier's front yard.

The boy said that the kids were harassing Trappier.

According to the boy, Trappier grabbed a baseball bat from a shed and began chasing the kids. The boy said as he passed Trappier's house, Trappier slapped him across the face.

A police report states that Trappier then grabbed a gray cement cinder block and threw it at the boy, striking the 10-year-old in the nose area of his face. Officers say they saw swelling on the child's face and abrasions on the bridge of his nose, below his nose and on his cheek.

Police say the boy was holding a cold wash cloth to his injuries and said he didn't need medical attention. His mother then arrived on scene and took him to the hospital.

Officers then surrounded Trappier's house after learning from some children that he had ran inside. After 15 minutes of knocking on the doors and calling him out, police say Trappier left the house through the back door where officers handcuffed him.

According to officers, Trappier attempted to resist slightly, began yelling and cursing at the officers. An incident report states that once Trappier once inside the patrol car, he began to spit all over the back seat and attempted to kick out the passenger side window twice.

Officers say when they secured Trappier's legs, he attempted to kick the window again. The victim's mother told officers that Trappier has been doing and saying violent and inappropriate things to children in that area.

She also said she's been passing around a petition to people in the neighborhood stating that Trappier is a problem.

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