Authorities release 911 call in 2-year-old girl's drowning

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Authorities have released audio recordings of a 911 emergency call regarding a 2-year-old girl who was found floating in a pond in a Summerville neighborhood last Friday evening.

The recording details a woman calling emergency dispatch regarding Sia Jarvis who was found in a pond on Breckingridge Drive.

The woman could be heard telling emergency personnel that Jarvis is not breathing and asking what she could do. She tells the dispatcher,"We had a bunch of kids getting ready for a garage sale and realized she was missing and then we saw her in the pond."

In a Summerville Police Department supplemental incident report released on Thursday, a lieutenant reports that after he had arrived at Breckingridge Drive, he saw a group of civilians giving Jarvis CPR.  First responders from the Summerville Fire Department, who arrived at the same time as police, then took over CPR.

According to the report, responders continued to attempt to resuscitate the girl for minutes. The lieutenant in the report said he was concerned that EMS was not on the scene. The report states that the lieutenant radioed the Summerville Police Department dispatch to get an estimated time of arrival for EMS.

The lieutenant states in the report that after a couple of minutes had passed, he asked dispatch again and dispatch told him that they were placed on hold by Charleston County EMS.

According to the report, by that time, a Dorchester County EMS crew arrived and immediately loaded Jarvis into the truck and took over CPR with the girl's parents loaded in front of the truck.

The lieutenant said that as the EMS truck was on the way to the hospital, it passed a Charleston County EMS truck, which was responding to the drowning, with red flashing lights coming into the Summer Park subdivision.

The police report states that Jarvis was rushed to the emergency room at Trident Medical Center, but doctors were unable to revive the girl. The doctor ruled the death of the victim 15 minutes after the victim arrived at the hospital.

A witness on the scene told officers that she had called 911, and with the help of another woman was searching for Jarvis.

Another neighbor, who was also searching, said she found Jarvis floating in shallow water in the pond. Neighbors told officers that they did not know how long the child had been missing.

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