Nine people accused of selling alcohol to underage teens

File photo.
File photo.

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police have arrested nine people accused of selling alcohol to underage teens in North Charleston.

The North Charleston S.P.E.E.D Team conducted an underage alcohol buy operation throughout the Charleston Farms Community which led to the arrests.

Investigators charged the following suspects with sale of beer or wine to a person under 21:

  1. Jasmine Simmons, 19, of North Charleston
  2. Amanda Young, 22, of Summerville
  3. Tiffany Hagwood, 26, of North Charleston
  4. Anilaben Patel, 44, of North Charleston
  5. Belal Alshamleh, 26, of Charleston
  6. Ashley Manigault, 28, North Charleston
  7. Teren Murray, 23, Charleston
  8. Keisha Parker, 21, Hanahan
  9. Ashley Holloway, 26, Hanahan

The police say the operation was conducted based on citizen concerns and the department's commitment to deter the sale of alcohol and tobacco to underage teens.

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