North Charleston mom wins $100k from scratch-off tickets

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A North Charleston mom has a big family she knows will be all too willing to help her spend her $100,000 lottery winnings.

Georgianna Rosendary, a mother of two boys and two girls, told lottery officials she won $40 once and her daughter called it "her money."

That's not happening this time.

"This is my money," Rosendary said. "I'm not saying anything to anyone about winning."

Rosendary and her husband plan to enjoy the cash from having one of their non-winning Jeep scratch-off tickets selected in the Lottery's Jeep Vehicle Second-Chance Promotion. Out of more than 206,939 entries received, her ticket was picked to win the $100,000 cash prize.

She couldn't be happier.

"I might have to call the children and tell them," hedged the devoted mother.