Cow escaped en route to slaughterhouse

Cow running onto Northwoods Boulevard.
Cow running onto Northwoods Boulevard.
Picture of a woman's car damaged by the cow.
Picture of a woman's car damaged by the cow.

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - North Charleston police say the cow they captured behind Lowe's Home Improvement on Northwoods Boulevard Tuesday evening had escaped its owners who were taking it to the slaughterhouse.

North Charleston police say the cow's owners were taking it from their Jedburg farm to the slaughterhouse in North Charleston when it escaped.

The owners said they had arrived at their Heatley Road home in North Charleston and were trying to put a bucket of water in the trailer when the cow pushed the gate open and started to run off.

The owners said the cow was extremely agitated after the long ride from Jedburg and was causing danger.  The farmers said they loaded their 12-gauge shotgun and tried to fatally shoot the cow, but the shotgun pellets had no effect.

Police say the cow then traveled to Dunlap Street, then Stafford Road before crossing Ashley Phosphate Road and continuing on Stafford Road.  The cow then crossed Northwoods Boulevard, where police interceded.

The cow was secured and returned to the trailer at the Heatley Road home.

One witness said the cow hit the rear of her car after she attempted to avoid it.

"It was a horrible booming like noise," the woman said."But I felt bad because it was an animal, and I hurt it real bad, although it ran into me."

Another witness reported that he was at a stop light between Ashley Phosphate and Northwoods Boulevard when he saw the cow cross the street and took this picture.

"I was shocked, I didn't believe it," the man said.

A spokesman for Lowes said there were no injuries involved and the cow never went inside of the store.

North Charleston Police Department did not file criminal charged against the farmers because the incident happened in Charleston County.  The sheriff's office has not filed charges either.

Owners told police they still intended to take the cow to the slaughterhouse on Wednesday morning.

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