Charleston billionaire predicts boom for Boeing

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A Charleston billionaire Thursday predicted big things for aerospace giant Boeing at its North Charleston plant.

Anita Zucker is a successful businesswoman who is chief executive officer of the Intertech Group and part owner of the South Carolina Stingrays hockey team.

Zucker also knows how much Boeing's presence means to the community, beginning with tomorrow's rollout ceremony marking the completion of the first 787 Dreamliner here.

"I'm very excited. I'm very excited to have a rollout because we will be one of three places in the world delivering a wide body jet, and that is huge," Zucker said. "We've become a global region overnight and it's terrific."

Zucker was mistress of ceremonies back in 2009 when Boeing broke ground on the site where the 1,000,000 square foot plant sits.

She wasn't involved in the negotiations to bring Boeing here, but believes the right people were at the table to do the talking.

"Whoever was doing the negotiating realized they need to be competitive with other places in order to have Boeing select us," she said. "We had to be able to show them I think that we would be successful for them to be able to provide a workforce."

It's a workforce that for the most part was trained in local colleges and then hired to work at the plant. That makes Zucker proud.

"We're also putting the people in place that need to have jobs and I'm thrilled to see so many people working. I mean Trident Tech is just thriving."

Zucker will be one of 1,000 guests who will get to see how well those workers have done their jobs.

"The thought on seeing the number of planes they can put on that floor inside that building is what is so amazing to me," Zucker said.

"The opportunity for growth now exists in this region, and Boeing has kind of opened the doors to say yes, South Carolina is open for business, come in and we can help you."

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