Police: Video shows patron assaulted at Goose Creek tavern

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Police say surveillance video from a Goose Creek tavern, where authorities are investigating an assault and kidnapping, shows a patron being struck by an individual using a pool cue.

Capt. John Grainger with the Goose Creek Police Department says investigators served a search warrant at the Two Keys Tavern on College Park Road on Wednesday where the video recording was seized. The search warrant is in connection to an investigation where four men claim they and other patrons were held against their will with one assaulted by a bouncer.

Grainger said that investigators are analyzing the video and that the purpose of the search warrant was to "collect and preserve any evidence related to the alleged offenses."

On Saturday morning, four men told investigators that they were held against their will after a manager became angry over an unpaid bet, locked the tavern and ordered a bouncer to assault a man.

The owner of the tavern released a statement on Tuesday stating that a manager and employees have been suspended as police investigate the incident.

"We are doing everything possible to investigate this situation to determine exactly what purportedly happened at Two Keys Tavern on Friday night," Two Keys Tavern owner Mark Keller said in a statement Tuesday night."The manager and employees allegedly involved have been suspended while we look into the allegations and attempt to uncover precisely what happened."

Police officers responded to Trident Hospital early Saturday morning in reference to an assault that happened at the tavern. Officers were informed of the incident after one of the victims called 911 and told emergency personnel that a friend of theirs had been struck at the tavern.

Authorities say the victims told officers that the manager of the tavern ordered the establishment to be locked after a patron left without paying a pool bet. A police report states that the manager and bouncers began demanding that someone come up with the money or someone was going to get hurt.

Two victims told officers that one of the bouncers was given the "green light" to assault one of the patrons. A police report states that the bouncer approached one of the victim's from behind and struck him with a pool cue.

Police are continuing the investigation.

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