New technology at Charleston County courthouse

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County is now giving residents more access to the courthouse, right from the comforts of home. It is the first in the state to use online technology, to serve jurors. The Clerk of Court's office says prospective jurors who are summoned for duty, can now log on to the county's Clerk of Court website and fill out their jury duty paperwork. In the past, the potential jurors had to fill out paper forms, mail them back, then county staffers had to sort the responses by hand.

"Now its snail mail. You get a jury summons in the mail and you have to send it back within two days. That's stresses a lot of people out to get the answers. Now they can go online from the convenience of their home or business, then it's done," Clerk of Court Julie Armstrong said.

The clerk's office is also using a new web app called "Court Plus." The program makes it easier to search and access court records, even from mobile devices.

"It's very inconvenient to have to drive down here to get copies. Now you'll have instant access on any mobile device you choose. Go online and download the information and the actual document," Armstrong said.

Visitors who come to the courthouse can also access free wi-fi on their mobile devices. The clerk's office has the password for people who want to log on.

For potential jurors who may be exempt from jury duty, those forms are also available online.

The clerk's office says the use of this technology allows for greater efficiency for taxpayers, and it was at no cost to taxpayers to put these programs in place.

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