Recent kidnapping,murder raises questions about self defense

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Many are asking what could have saved Endang Susiani, the 31-year-old woman who was kidnapped, murdered and thrown to the side of the interstate last Friday night. Tyler Brown-Kelly was arrested and has been charged with murder.

It all started in a dark parking lot on Dorchester Road when Brown-Kelly allegedly tried to carjack Susiani and her fiance.

That incident ended in tragedy.  Many men and women have turned to self defense classes over the years to know what to do in a similar situation. Self defense experts Live 5 News spoke with said getting professional training is the best advice, but there are a few things you can do if training is not in your budget or time frame.

The first advice Phil Beauregard had was to be aware of your surroundings.

"I want to be aware who may be near my vehicle, who may be near my body, and what neighborhood I'm in," said Beauregard, Director of Master Studios of Self Defense in West Ashley.

He said if you're walking through a dark parking lot have your keys in your hand, get in the car and drive off immediately.  Don't wait around in the parking lot. He said if you are attacked, the first thing you should do is surrender.

"Throw your hands up, hand over anything the bad guy wants. If the attacker gets physical, there are three spots on the upper and lower body to go for first.

"Strike the eyes, strike nose, strike the collarbone; That's using your upper body. Using your lower body: stamp the foot, kick to the shins, kick to the knee."

Beauregard said don't go for the groin area. The attacker may be anticipating it and it takes more time to kick up or punch down to the groin area on your attacker. He said if you're a woman try to not wear heels if you're going to be in a dimly lit area or an unsafe neighborhood.  It's easier to get away if you're in comfortable shoes.

"These things are all important, but if you get the training you will be more confident when you come across the situation. You'll know how to use your body and what parts on the attacker's body are the most vulnerable."

If you're being carjacked, Beauregard said do not in the car with the attacker.  Kick, fight, and scream to bring any attention to yourself.