Mt. Pleasant council members vote to remove big box ordinance

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - The Mount Pleasant town council is removing a 16 year ordinance that requires buildings 70 thousand square feet or more to be built on 50 acres of land.

Big box stores require lots of square footage but in heavily developed areas, there is not always big open plots of land. Removing this ordinance could mean big box stores have a chance at being built in areas that might not be as open.

With every seat filled and every space on the wall occupied, the Mount Pleasant town council proceeded to listen to neighbors who fear removing an ordinance would open the gates to big box stores moving in.

The current ordinance requires any building with more than 70 thousand square feet be built on a piece of land that is at least 50 acres. Town council member voted five in favor of removing the ordinance and four in favor of keeping the current ordinance.

Developers in Mount Pleasant wanted to build on a piece of land called the Gregg Tract right beside Snee Farms causing neighbors to ban together and prevent big box stores from being built on the 40 acre property.

The owner of the Gregg Tract says that ordinance was one reason why they decided to withdraw.

Town council members say removing the ordnance has nothing to do with the Gregg Tract. They say the ordinance was redundant and there are other ways to keep growing the community at a responsible rate.

Residents of Snee Farms said this is not the end for them. They will continue to fight to keep those stores out.

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