UFO welcome center still drawing visitors

BOWMAN, SC (WCSC) - An out of this world creation sits just off the main drag in Bowman, South Carolina.

In 1994, Jody Pendarvis built a spaceship in his own yard with materials from his grandfather's old grocery store.

He did it to make the aliens feel welcome.

"I usually sleep in the very tip top," said Pendarvis, pointing to his homemade UFO. "Way up yonder in the top that's mainly because when a big bright light comes over...they can wake me up and say,'Hey want to visit awhile?'"

Bowman locals have gotten used to having around a slice of the extraterrestrial world.

"It's a very strange looking object," said Stanley Cobb who lives nearby. "Looks like it just made a touch down just now, but it's been there for quite awhile."

A town official says Bowman firefighters told Pendarvis years ago the UFO's structure was unsafe for visitors.

Pendarvis ignored the warning.

Visitors can enter at their own risk since the flying saucer sits on private property. Pendarvis won't say whether he's seen martians as we might think of them.

"That's top secret, you'll never get that one out of me," said Pendarvis.

But it is no mystery aliens have a place to visit in South Carolina.

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