Mother calls teen's account of alleged sexual assault 'disgusting'

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Throwing lead from a pencil down a 14-year-old's shirt. Whispering in her ear that she turned him on. That's what the mother of an eighth grader in Dorchester County claims her daughter's teacher did to her during class.

The Dorchester County Sheriff's Office says 49-year-old William Brown inappropriately touched one of his students at Dubose Middle school last week.

Brown was arrested on charges of criminal solicitation of a minor and assault and battery in the second degree. He was given $40,000 bond and has since posted bond.

Tuesday, the teen's mother, Deloris Lingo, exclusively read Live 5 News her daughter's three page account of what she says Brown did to her.

The teen accused her teacher of verbal and physical sexual harassment.

"He took his fingers and he walked them across her leg toward her groin area," said Lingo, recounting what her daughter told her. "She wrote a three page statement every bit of it's in there and it's just amazing that he had the gall he had to do this to her in a classroom."

Lingo said her daughter told her "he [Brown] was a father figure to her. She confided in him and he betrayed her. He broke her trust and hurt her."

The teenager's mother says her daughter is strong and she has a strong support group who believe in her timeline of events and story.

"The things he said would be vulgar to an adult. The things he said were disgusting," said Lingo.

Officials with Dorchester District Two (DD2) schools say Brown was recommended for termination late Thursday evening after an internal investigation by the district.

An investigation by the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office is still pending.

A DD2 district spokeswoman said Brown is not allowed on the schools campus. He has two weeks to appeal the termination recommendation.

A facebook group has been started to defend the teacher, called "Mr. Brown is Innocent." Some of his supports have written things like "the truth will come out" and that he has been terminated "on false charges."

Lingo says three additional students have supplied written accounts of inappropriate actions on the part of Mr. Brown.

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