Folly Beach prepares residents for hurricane season

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - Folly Beach residents already have questions about what to expect this Hurricane season.

"I have rental properties. I just wanted to be able to inform my tenants what credentials they need be it a drivers license, a lease or a pass from city hall that would allow them back should we have a hurricane," said Susan Messervy and resident and property owner on Folly Beach.

Messervy said she survived Hurricane Hugo and knows to prepare for the worst. She said last year property owners did receive a pass prior to the start of the season but, not her renters and she wants that to change.

"I'm hoping that each renter would be able to go to city hall and get some sort of pass," said Messervy.

Right now city officials don't expect that policy or any other hurricane evacuation procedures to change.

Mayor Tim Goodwin said this year's hurricane procedures are the same as last year.

"You bring proof that this is your home, when it's safe you will be able to get back on the island and get to your home which everyone wants to do as soon and we know it's safe to do," said Goodwin.

Folly Beach is hosting the preparedness meeting to remind people of what they need to have ready for the season.

"They need to start preparing at this time. Getting their kits and everything together, things like flashlights, food supplies, water and being prepared for evacuation if necessary," Folly Beach Police Sergeant Pedro McTeer.

McTeer said residents should take these early preparations tips seriously.

"They need to be prepared because whenever you think it's going to miss, it don't miss. It's right here pointing at you before you know it and you're not prepared and you don't have what you need to survive the ordeal," said McTeer.

McTeer said the police department will continue to follow evacuation procedure once the warnings are made and that includes walking door to door to make sure everyone is out.

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