Lincolnville constable remembered five years after his murder

LINCOLNVILLE, SC (WCSC) - The Lincolnville town council drafted a proclamation to say thank you for the service and the life of Constable Robert Bailey Senior.

"We want to say we are sorry for your loss, but the town also lost a fine, dedicated person who came in and was not a paid person. He gave his life for this town and we want to remember him," said town council member Dease.

Five years ago Constable Bailey a volunteer was Shot and killed during a traffic stop. Six days later Bailey's body was found buried in a shallow grave in Orangeburg County.

Bailey's son in law said,"Were trying to move on but we will never forget."

Bailey's family, his partner Richie Hill and the public safety department gathered at the building named after him to remember what he did for the community.

"He was almost like a full time person here other than he was given no pay, he was a volunteer which wasn't paid and speaks volumes about the type of person he was," said Hill.

Hill said he spent just about every day on the job with Bailey.

"He just adored helping people," said Hill. He added his works will not be forgotten.

Lincolnville police Chief Gary Hamner agrees with Hill.

"I would say almost on a daily basis on a call I go to or I stop by to talk to the residence his name is always brought up and it's always in a good way. People sharing good memories about him," said Hamner.

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