Sheriff: DNA sample obtained from missing woman's husband

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon revealed Tuesday his investigators got a DNA sample from the husband of a missing West Ashley woman before he named the prime suspect in her murder.

The woman, Gayle McCaffrey, went missing March 18. Her husband, Bob McCaffrey told authorities she left after the couple had an argument and never returned.

"It certainly concerns me we've not resolved the issue of where Gayle McCaffrey is," Cannon said during a one on one interview.

Cannon said all signs still point to Bob McCaffrey as a suspect.

"If nothing else, in a sense almost by process of elimination," Cannon said.

But the sheriff says right now his deputies have no probable cause to arrest Bob McCaffrey, only circumstantial evidence.

"We're sort of stuck with him maintaining she just left," Cannon said.

Cannon said deputies got something from McCaffrey before he stopped talking to them.

"As a result of a search warrant we obtained, we got a mouth swab for DNA purposes," Cannon said. "The main evidence we would need to resolve the case still eludes us. The best sense of what we have would suggest to us that [Gayle McCaffrey] is down here somewhere."

But Cannon says it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. Several searches have come up empty, including one near Middleton Place where deputies say they received signals from both Gayle and Bob McCaffrey's cell phones.

"I'm satisfied we're going to solve this case and resolve and locate Gayle McCaffrey," the sheriff said.

An e-mail sent to Bob McCaffrey's attorney for comment was not answered.

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