Gymnastics instructor: "Parkour isn't for daredevils"

Before rescue crews repelled off the Ravenel Bridge to save a teenager, the same teen and his friends drove across the bridge and back flipped beneath it in a youtube video they made of themselves a year ago.

21-year-old James Tomberlin and 18-year-old Kahrell Wright are charged with disorderly conduct for "parkouring" more than 180 feet above the Cooper River, Monday.

"The guys who take parkour seriously, they aren't climbing the Ravenel Bridge," said gymnastics coach and owner of Goose Creek gymnastics, Jason Simpson. "Those guys are just acting crazy. That's daredevil stuff."

Simpson said he first heard the word parkour three years ago.

"Parkour is to get from this point to that point as fast as you can," said Simpson. "It's about doing something that uses the least amount of energy and is the smartest bio-physical way to do it."

When the sport flipped over gymnastics in popularity, Simpson started a class. 6-year-old's to seniors in high school are now flying through his gym but along with safety precautions, he's got rules.

"I tell my kids not to ever do parkour outside the gym," said Simpson.

The coach says the activity could become dangerous quickly and he's seen many injuries from pakouring over the years.

"It's not worth dying over and a fall from the Ravenel bridge could kill you," said Simpson. "Parkour isn't for daredevils. Parkour is for people who want to control something that might not be under control. It's not about see the biggest thing you can do."

Wright and Tomberlin are charged with disorderly conduct.

During a bond hearing on Tuesday, a judge issued both men a $262 bond, saying, "If you want to play Parkour, I suggest you go to Las Vegas and join Cirque du Soleil."

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