Suspected armed robber says he is a 'victim of circumstance'

William Quitman Greene
William Quitman Greene

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Investigators say a 23-year-old man who was arrested after he robbed a man at knife point and ran into a police car told officers that he is a "victim of circumstance."

The Moncks Corner Police Department charged William Quitman Greene with armed robbery, kidnapping and drug violations.

On Tuesday morning, a police officer in his patrol car was leaving the intersection of US 52 and US 17A when he saw a green vehicle approaching him from the opposite direction.

The vehicle then left the traffic lane and crossed over to run head on with the patrol car. According to the officer, the driver of the vehicle was blowing the car's horn and appeared to be in distress.

The officer stopped his patrol car with the approaching vehicle stopping about five feet away from the officer. The officer says he then saw a man, Greene, run from the passenger side of the vehicle while the driver was yelling that the suspect had robbed him.

The officer got back into his car and followed the suspect down a sidewalk. Police say the suspect then ran into the Old Thornley Oil parking lot where the officer was able to cut the suspect off with his patrol car.

Police say the suspect then ran into the officer's car and fell to the ground. As the officer attempted to arrest the suspect, Greene got up and started running again, according to authorities.

The officer then pulled out a taser and issued a verbal command to stop. An incident report states that the suspect turned while running and reached in toward his pocket.

The officer then says he saw a shiny metal object in the suspect's hand, so the officer dropped his taser and took out his .45 handgun. Authorities say the suspect then tripped over his own feet and fell to the ground dropping a knife.

The officer said he took Greene into custody and found the victim's wallet and money in Greene's front pockets.

According to Lt. Michael Roach with the Moncks Corner Police Department, the victim was giving a ride to Greene when the suspect took out a knife. Roach says Greene then ordered the victim to take him to a bank.

When authorities asked Greene about the incident, he said,"This is bull, I asked him to take me to Bojangle's and to drop me off by the bank beside it."

Investigators say Greene was adamant that he was a "victim of circumstance."

The officer asked Greene why he ran, and Greene said,"I am on parole and I am scared of the police."

The police officer then asked Greene why he had the victim's wallet and money.

Greene said,"Uh…He gave it to me."

Greene was locked up at the Hill Finklea Detention Center. His bond was set at $51,092.50.

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