College of Charleston given $1.4 million science grant

DOWNTOWN (WCSC) - Science courses at the College of Charleston will be expanding after the school received a grant worth over one million dollars.

College of Charleston was granted a $1.4 million award from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The money is part of a $50 million national initiative by the HHMI to create more engaging science classes, introduce research experiences to students, and diversify science courses.

"This new award will allow us to expand novel efforts to teach science that have already proved successful, as well engage more students in meaningful research experiences," said Mike Auerback, Dean of the School of Science and Mathematics.

Of the 200 schools that were invited to apply for the HHMI awards last year, only 47 received grant money. This is the second grant the College has received from the HHMI competition, which is held every four years.